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Other Comments

Greg German 75  Greg German

  Limestone9 Consulting

“Knowledgeable, thorough, trustworthy, caring, energetic and safe… those words best describe Leslie when under her scuba diving tutelage. A great teacher not only for adults but beginning kids as well…. I’ve known Leslie for over 20 years during which time she remains steadfast in these characteristics.”


Maggie Lee

   Maggie Lee

   Realtor at Keller Williams Realty Diamond Partners

If you have Scuba Diving on your bucket list you MUST choose Leslie as your instructor! She is professional, personable and an expert in her field. What I love about Leslie is that she is all about the teaching and not the business.  Don’t get me wrong – everyone wants to earn a living – but teaching people to scuba and get certified is her PASSION!


Doug Billings   Doug Billings

   HCA, Human Relations


“I’ve known Leslie for several years and she continually impresses me not only as a savvy and capable business woman,  honest with a credible character, integrity and a genuine passion for what she does. 

We share a love of scuba diving and I can testify to her ability to train and teach diving students in such a way that certification success is practically guaranteed. 

What I enjoy most about Leslie is her love of life. This is evident by the way she lives it – to the fullest. I highly recommend her and her services. “


Tonda Poston 75   Tonda (Biggers) Poston

   Independent Sales Representative at Fairmont Designs


“Leslie is a great scuba instructor. She keeps the class informative and very detailed in giving all the information you need in order to be certified. She has a calming effect about her that helps in keeping the individual to not panic in certain conditions. I would highly recommend her.”


Herbert Seigel   Herbert L Siegel DDS



“I am very pleased to recommend Leslie because she deserves the praise – She is a great communicator and knows how to work with individuals to get a positive result. I took her scuba class and was thoroughly impressed with her abilities- I know numerous people whom she has trained and provided travel support and the one expression has always been — what a great experience!!! – All the best to Leslie-“


Jay Murfield   Jay Murfield

   Key Accounts Manager


“I’ve know Leslie since 1993 when she certified me as a PADI diver.  Leslie is an expert  Instructor and made the experience fun. I’ve gone on several group diving trips with Leslie’s Scuba Explorers that included Belize and Cozumel.  I would recommend Leslie to anyone who is interested in this sport.”


Dean Dix   Dean Dix

   Business Analyst , Sprint


“Leslie has been planning and directing scuba excursions for many years, and has a dedicated following of clientele, due to her high standards of quality, and her dedication to providing the best product possible to her customers. Her work ethic, and business integrity are unmatched.”


Bobby Hall

Account Manager at ACI Motor Freight, Inc.

“Leslie is a very enthusiastic, talented, and experienced business professional in the field of scuba diving and excursions. She has decades of experience in the aquatic arena. She is blessed with the ability to handle, explain, and control any question or activity in this environment.”


Jean Ohlhausen   Jean Ohlhausen

   State Farm Insurance (retired)


“I highly recommend Leslie for your Caribbean excursions.  She has shared her beautiful pictures of underwater photography.  She is a member of the National Ladies Golf Associations and took on the position of Historian for 2009, she was responsible for our ladies club photos.  Leslie is an outstanding person. I support all her scuba activities; she has high integrity and is very personable.”


Robyn Bradshaw   Robyn Bradshaw

   Sales Manager , K-Flex NAFTA at Emerald Performance Materials


“Leslie is a very detail orientated with high energy and creativity. She is consistent on putting great trips together and even makes getting your PADI certification fun & simple! She makes everything easy. She is also a person that you would trust your life with. She wants everyone to be successful at scuba and will go the extra mile to achieve it.  Most importantly…she is one great person!


 Paul Titus   Paul Titus

   Account Manager at Traffic Tech


“Leslie O’Neill is in my opinion “the best of the best,” and not only could help an experienced diver improve their skills but is also very comfortable with the true beginner. I’ve watched her work with students ranging from a 90 year old grandmother and 84 year old non swimmer to a 15 year old beginner; she made it clear that each one of them was important to her and she was there for them in any way they needed her. I’ve also participated in dive trips that Leslie has organized and can honestly say for me it was a very positive life changing experience, and I believe it was for the others on the trip too. It’s easy for someone to create a website and offer instruction or advice on a variety of subjects, but rarely do you find someone who truly can deliver on their promises and gives you more than what you’ve asked for. Leslie has the knowledge of diving and travel that only a lifetime of hands on experience and studying can create, and she teaches in such a way that it makes you believe you’re the only person in her class. These are the reasons why I believe she is “the best of the best,” and why I’ve recommended her to every single person who’s ever asked me about diving.” 


James Luther Smith   James L Smith

   Principal , Arizona Commercial Bonding, LLC


“Sharp and professional… it has always been a pleasure working with Leslie… a fantastic lady!” 


Cathy Weaver   Cathy Weaver

Hydration Specialist at Miracles With Water


“Leslie has a passion for her business that shows in everything she does. The website and the blog she has created are DYNAMIC. If you want a true professional to plan your trip and take you on a Scuba excursion second to none, be sure to contact Leslie today!!!” 


Bryce Elliot   Bryce Elliot

   Owner , Kiwi Real Estate


“Leslie is dedicated to her work, she always seems to get the impossible done in a professional way. She is extremely organized which made my life a pleasure. With her personality she manages to influence others in a positive way.  A professional and lovely lady!”


Ruth Hensley-Taylor

   Ruth Hensley-Taylor

   Realtor at RE/MAX Signature Services


“Leslie is a fabulous instructor!  I enrolled in a class to earn my Scuba certification and I hit a wall about halfway through. Leslie was very patient and encouraged me to keep going even when I wanted to give up. With her help, I successfully completed the program and afterwards enjoyed the first of several fun and exciting scuba adventures.  Thanks Leslie!”


Chris Martin   Chris Martin

   Central Reg. Sls. Mgr./Measurement & Verification, at Leviton Ltg. & Energy Solutions


“Leslie is very good at her job. I wish I had the time and resources to enlist her services more frequently.”


Dave Mashburn   Dave Mashburn

   Managing Member, LodgeWell, LLC


“I have worked with Leslie on several occasions seeking her professional business advice. Leslie is highly professional with great energy for her work. I certainly recommend Leslie for the quality of service she provides.”


Karen Herron   Karen Herron-Roof

   Field sales Manager / Medicare Specialist at Sterling Insurance / Sterling Life Insurance


“Leslie puts the customers’ needs first. She is thoughtful. She is safe and is particular about safety. I would travel with her anywhere.”


David Mendez   David Mendez

   Sr. Associate at Hoefer Wysocki Architecture


“Leslie is an outstanding scuba instructor and manager of her business. She will not let you down.” 


Laura Shipman   Laura Shipman

Insurance Solutions 


“Leslie is a hard working individual. She thrives in helping people enjoy their scuba diving experience. She is a very experienced scuba diver. She has spent countless hours training to become the best scuba instructor and dive master. She has a passion for scuba diving. Any scuba trip I take I would want Leslie to be in charge.”


Johnny Spinelli   John Spinelli

   EVP of Sales, Reverse Sports


“Leslie is a very detailed, planned and well organized person I enjoyed and miss working with her.  She was the main resource to get things accomplished.  She has people skills and is a joy to be around. Her sense of others is what makes her excel at what she does best….working with all types of people.  She is a great asset!”


Bob Cavier   Bob Cavier

   Owner , Papa Bob’s Bar-b-Que


“What a GO-GETTER. I’ve known Leslie for a long time in both a business and a personal level. If and when I have the need to choose someone for my team, Leslie would be at the top of my list.  Not only does she have the ability to conquer the task put in front of her, she also will get it done in a timely manner.  She is the absolute team player. Her internal beauty exceeds her external beauty. That says a lot! She comes highly recommended.”


Vic Young    Vic Young

   Insurance Broker/Agent for Insphere insurance Solutions


“I have not had the opportunity to dive with Leslie, however she would be by first and only choice of instructors.  I have been following her experiences over the past year and have never been more impressed by the quality, dedication and attention to detail of her work.  She truly loves what she does and it shows through all she does.”


Kymett Grulke   Kymett Grulke

   Supervisor, Aircraft Appearance Compliance


“Leslie is a womanof integrity.  She is intelligent, passionate and one of the most pleasant individuals I know.  It’s been my pleasure to know.  She is a positive asset to any person or company.”


Steve Schilling

   Steve Schilling

   Producer United Entertainment of America


 The scuba diving adventure with “Leslie O’Neill”  was by far the most innovative personable under water experience, ever!


Carl Thom

    Carl Thom

    CEO, Seal Lantern


“What a fun trip Leslie puts together to dive with! I was impressed with how well organized her trips are. Her passion and positive energy rubs off on everyone, she takes the time to make sure that every person is having a blast.”


  • Donna Hanna says:

    Leslie is a high energy business professional with a keen sense for detail and safety. As a scuba-diver and PADI instructor, she has explored the depths of the ocean and experienced the wonder and beauty of life well below the surface. Leslie was born to be underwater and knows how to convey information in a positive, focused manner. She is both passionate and patient in her instruction. She is a terrific trip organizer who will ensure your scuba explorations are memorable!

  • Paul Kang says:

    I’ve known Leslie since 2006, she is just brilliant in any field you deal with her. She brokered jet aircraft’s and I was in the market for a 737 as I have an airline in Dubai. We talked business for many months, if you know her, you would know how friendly and perfect she is in her career. Take care.

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