December 8


Scuba Diving Packages

By Leslie ONeill

December 8, 2009

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Tambora – Indonesia

As part of the coral triangle, Indonesia boasts 10-15% of the world’s coral reefs, with amazing biodiversity and stunning fish life, offering real feasts for diving and underwater photography enthusiasts. Indonesia is a large country, and dive operators are still far and few. Chances are extremely high that we will be alone in the water wherever we choose to dive. No crowds under water, and no other liveaboard in sight. And at many spots, we will remain the only divers for days, and sometimes weeks and even months.

Our 2009-11 program takes us across the Indonesian archipelago, to the most varied selection of the country’s best dive sites:

  • Raja Empat, Triton Bay and Aetna Bay, unmatched in biodiversity and coral life
  • The Banda Sea and central Moluccas: Ambon, the Lease group and the Seram Laut group, offering both big fish action and great critter sites
  • The islands in the Makassar Strait – Sangalaki, Derawan, Maratua and Kakaban – with mantas, barracudas, turtles, and non-stinging jellyfish!
  • World-famous Komodo National Park and its surrounding islands
  • Specialized wreck-diving cruises in Bangka-Belitung – exclusively aboard Tambora!

Scuba diving packages have been carefully chosen, planned and designed taking into account our own experience, seasonal and weather patterns, and a desire to offer our guests great diversity, from wreck-diving adventures in the West all the way to the hidden islands and bays along the New Guinea coast in the East.

Uwe Günther first learned how to dive in the cold lakes of Switzerland. Since then, he has preferred the warmer waters of South East Asia and Indonesia in particular, and is probably one of the very few who, over the course of more than 15 years, have dived almost the entire archipelago, from Aceh at the Northwestern tip of Sumatra all the way East to the islands off Jayapura at the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

With double MSc in Biochemistry and MBA (INSEAD) degrees, Uwe has worked in a broad variety of fields and in scientific, technical and managerial roles. Having lived and worked on a permanent basis in Indonesia since 1998, he has extensively traveled the country and is an extremely rich source of information on each and every conceivable aspect of his host country.

Their Experienced Crew has served on vessels of various size and type throughout the country prior to joining them. Tambora’s captain has been skipping dive liveaboard vessels trough Indonesian water for many years.  They know the beautiful dive sites, safe anchorages, and tricky passages inside out. Their dive guides have developed a keen eye for the many critters and hidden treasures that so easily go unnoticed. The cook and the entire hospitality team will pamper you in between dives with tasty bites and well prepared cabins. And our mechanics, deck men, dinghy drivers, and sailors ensure smooth operations of the vessel and dive operations.

Leslie ONeill

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