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P.A.D.I. Scuba Classes

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Open Water Diver Course - The beginner class that is necessary to become a certified diver. Once you've completed and passed the course, you have up to six to become certified, by repeating the water skills learned in the course in an open body of water: lake, quarry, river, spring, or an ocean.


Advanced Open Water -Have you been diving for a few years? Even seasoned diving veterans can benefit from adventure dives and specialty courses.  Learn new skills, log more dives, meet new friends, and gain more confidence as you try to gain important knowledge, with more comfort and confidence to explore and dive on your own

Refresher - Has it been a while since your last dive?  Join us for a day to refresh your water skills, test your scuba gear and get the most out of your next scuba vacation.

Snorkeling - the best way to see beautiful fish and coral without going all the way under. You don't even have to know how to swim.  This will allow you a small taste of scuba.  Learn how to clear your snorkel and how to move- for an incredible experience! 

Receive top quality “PADI” instruction from a seasoned professional with over 34 years of ocean diving experience.  This experience may not be attained from a textbook.

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