June 25


Scuba Diving Classes for Children

By Leslie ONeill

June 25, 2012

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The impact that scuba diving classes have on children

Children have an unwavering adventurous desire to explore everything the world has to offer, including the fascinating world underwater. Scuba diving classes teach awareness to children about the importance of ecological and ocean conservation.

Instructors teach proper conservation skills during scuba diving classes by teaching accurate diving techniques and habits. Children learn about the importance of even the most microscopic living organisms, thus becoming conscious of their surroundings.

Throughout the scuba diving classes children learn tangible skills which they will use in and out of the water such as physics and math skills, which will increase their critical thinking abilities. As children build stronger swimming abilities, increased stamina and a stronger sense of responsibility through scuba diving their self-confidence will increased and noticeable in every aspect of their lives.

Children ages 8-9 years old will spend most of their young training days of scuba diving classes in a pool, learning the basic ins and outs of scuba diving. Once children complete a PADI Open Water Diver scuba certification course, they are eligible to dive in open water, with some restrictions – children 10 years in age must dive with certified adult in areas that do not exceed 40 feet and children 12-14 years of age must dive with a certified adult however there are no perimeter or depth restrictions.

PADI Dive Rescue courses are available for children 12-14 years in age through scuba diving classes; this course will teach advance scuba diving techniques for water rescue including boating operations and search and rescue methods. Once children reach the age of 15 years old, they are qualified to upgrade from their junior certification which will allow them to no longer have any age restrictions.

For more information on PADI scuba certification classes for children or to speak with an experienced professional instructor, please contact Leslie O’Neill, Scuba Explorers.



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