December 10


Shipwreck Treasure

By Leslie ONeill

December 10, 2009

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Pascal Kainic, owner and CEO of Ocean Research Limited.  Pascal has spent over 20 years in the field of historical marine research, shipwreck treasure, salvage and underwater archaeology around the world. As a Marine Salvage Research Consultant, he has participated in a large number of salvage projects, joining hands with underwater archeologists and private research companies in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, off the North West African coast, the Indian Ocean and Indonesia.

He is a scuba diver, underwater photographer, and member of the Society of French Explorers.  Pascal invites you to share some of his many findings, he has participated in several major discoveries such as the wreck of the General Abbatucci, recovered in 1996 off Corsica in 2660 meters of water.

Pascal is an incredible resource when it comes to the wrecks he has explored and dived over the years and fills many an evening with stories


Would you like to participate in an underwater sea adventure from aboard a luxury wooden liveaboard in the Indonesian archipelago?  Dive and discover shipwreck treasure sites near the island of Belitung.  Learn amazing stories from ancient Chinese dynasties, Dutch or English East India company ships and 19th century clippers or lost cargoes of the Second World War.

Pascal possesses a unique database of valuable cargoes still waiting to be recovered in every sea on this planet!

Leslie ONeill

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