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Scuba Diving The Red Sea

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The Red Sea is considered one of the best dive destinations in the world. Thousand s of kilometres of coastline are blessed with extensive reef formations and islands. The underwater scenery is rich with coral-covered walls and beautiful “gardens”. Over 400 varieties of coral and 1500 species of fish, turtle and sharks make the Red Sea their home.

“Egypt and The Red Sea should be on every diver’s list. With such a rich combination of ancient Egyptian history and great diving being both accessible and abundant, this is one destination that should not be missed”. (Brian Miller about a recent trip to Egypt)
Jacques Cousteau once said “The Red Sea is a corridor of marvels. The happiest hours of my diving experience have been spent there”. That statement is as true today as it was when Jacques Cousteau explored here in the 1950’s and 60’s. Many divers still spend many happy hours diving the Egyptian Red Sea, whether it’s the Tiran Reefs or the wreck of the Thistlegorm in the north or the Brother Islands in the central Red Sea or the huge reefs of St Johns and Elphinstone in the deep south. One could spend a lifetime here and never see it all.
An almost landlocked body of water, the Red Sea is accessible from Egypt and a diver’s dream. The two most common start-off points are Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai peninsula. You can combine day trips with a liveaboard trip. Explore the reefs of the Underwater National Park Ras Mohammed, the wrecks of Gubal Strait or the walls of Tiran Islands.
The last few years have seen an increased demand for trips to the Southern Red Sea, with the start-off point being Marsa Alam/Marsa Ghalib. Explore exquisite sites such as St. Johns and Elphinstone, Daedalus and The Brothers.
6000 years of history demand some topside activities: Explore Cairo’s markets and the nearby pyramids; take a side trip to Luxor and be amazed by the Valley of Kings; take a Nile Cruise to Aswan; the possibilities are endless.
Concerned about safety in Egypt? Read what recent travelers had to say: “I keep telling everyone that I was amazed at how well we, as Americans, were received by the Egyptian people.