August 24


Scuba Instructor

By Leslie ONeill

August 24, 2009

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If you are a “Scuba Instructor” we want to hear your stories!

There were two people who influenced me to become a scuba diver.  The first was Loyd Bridges from Sea Hunt- how cool I thought it would be to breathe underwater!   Then a few years later we had career day at my high school.  Our presenter was a high fashion model, she had prepared a slide shows of her world travels.  In them she appeared in a wet suit  with scuba gear and all on a sandy white beach with a clear blue sky.  She described her encounters with sharks and many other things.  I’ll never forget how excited I felt, thinking of the possibilities of seeing a new world, a world I had not been exposed to other than the movies.   This was attainable was thrilling!

I never planned either profession- but about five years later I became a model, quite unplanned, and within a few more years a scuba diver- and then Instructor.

It still gives me chills to watch the excitement in a new divers eyes, when they see for the first time. one of Gods perfectly painted, beautiful  creatures!

If you are a “Scuba Instructor” please tell us your story!

Where’s your favorite dive site?   What interesting situation did you have?  What marine life have you encountered?

Tell us anything!

Leslie ONeill

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