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Cayman Islands

Marine life we saw in Cayman on our last trip in Feb.  Just a small handful of the thousands of varieties.

Beautifully colored fish peacock flounder, trunkfish, trumpetfish,sea cucmber,

Cozumel Allegro

Diving Galapagos with Annie Crawley

Meet Annie Crawley


Annie may be coming to Kansas City; would you like meet her?



Diving in Galapagos is definitely an experience unto itself and should not be missed. Diving is permitted in specific zones of the Marine Reserve where you are surrounded by sea lions, penguins many species of rays, including giant mantas, colorful reef fish, marine turtles, marine iguanas, various species of sharks, including the scalloped hammerhead shark (sharks in the Galapagos are non aggressive), and many other interesting and unique sea creatures. There are special dive sites to accommodate everyone from beginners, to intermediate and experienced divers. Each site is a unique and varied experience sure to be enjoyed.


By combining the experiences of exploring the Islands by boat, foot, and scuba diving- guests have an opportunity that Darwin could have only dreamed of.

uw diver turtle  

It’s no secret that the Galapagos Islands are considered one of the premier diving destinations in the world, and for good reason!

Frigate Bird

Birds blue feet

Galapagos Turtle

people seal

The Galapagos marine reserve ranked number one for scuba diving in the Indo Pacific region for the categories of Healthiest Marine Environment, Best Big Animal Dive and Best Advanced Diving.

UW Seals

If the terrestrial Galapagos finches and blue-footed boobies that walk and fly on the volcanic islands inspired Darwin, then what swims and waddles underwater will give you your own theories on life’s marvels. Hold your mask and regulator in one hand, your equipment in another, close your eyes tight and imagine what awaits you in only one quick flip over the edge of the sailboat.

Island from a distance

Knowing that one-quarter of the marine life surrounding the Galapagos is endemic; you will wish that your mask somehow allowed you to see 360 so you would not miss the unique life seen only here.

The currents that converge upon the waters of the Galapagos bring life to these volcanic ocean floors and waters. The rich nutritive water creates an environment in which life abounds and often evolves into strange life forms like the marine iguana, the world´s only lizard that dives and feeds in the ocean, or equatorial penguins, without the fat of their Antarctic counterparts.
Amid these rarities, you will find yourself unable to escape entire armies of bright angelfish, the sight of remora fish tickling the mass of a whale shark, and the playful enthusiasm of sea lions.

Marine Life

Hailed by the ocean-explorers organization, EDAM International, as one of the seven wonders of the underwater world, divers can explore this wonder first hand.

The underwater world of the Galapagos is spectacular!

Turneffe Island Resort

Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac’s rugged 14 square miles retains the charm and friendliness of a traditional seafaring community – yet it offers the country’s most dramatic scenery.

The Country’s Most Dramatic Scenery
“Brac” is the Gaelic word for bluff, the Brac’s dominant natural attraction. It is a limestone ridge which rises gradually from the west along the center of the island to 140 ft. at the eastern tip, plunging as a sheer dramatic cliff into the indigo Caribbean Sea below. It sculpts the landscape into unexpected vistas carved with caves and covered with a startling variety of flora and fauna.

Experience the breathtaking view on the bluff from the lighthouse. Explore the enticing caves and sinkholes, high above water. Wander through the woodlands filled with exotic flowers and plants. Bird watching on the bluff is stunning. Frigate birds, brown boobies, peregrine falcons and the rare Cayman Brac parrot can be spotted in their natural environment.

A Traditional Seafaring Community
Just as fascinating are the Brackers themselves; a warm and independent population of fewer than 1800. They take pride in their homeland and enjoy sharing it with visitors. Small towns have names like West End, Watering Place, Cotton Tree Bay, Creek and Spot Bay. Tropical flowers bloom year-round in carefully-tended yards surrounding charming ‘Caymanian’ style homes. The Brac’s special peacefulness refreshes – but its startling contrasts will awaken your adventurous spirit!

In Cayman Brac, diving is what attracts most people to this small island. The newest attraction for divers is the wreck of the 330 ft. M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts, a Russian built Cuban naval frigate which was sunk off the island’s northwest coast in September 1996. It is already the home for a variety of marine life. There are two other small wrecks off the Brac’s coast.

Activities and Attractions

Ashore, attractions include the Cayman Brac Museum at Stake Bay, a variety of dramatic caves; such as Rebecca’s Cave, Peter’s Cave and Halfway Ground Cave, nature trails exploring the bluff and ironshore beneath it at the eastern tip, small, charming homes restored in traditional seafaring architectural styles. The delightful people of this unusual community are its main attractions.

Fisherman will revel in shallow waters filled with bonefish and deeper offshore waters teeming with gamefish. For those simply wanting to relax, indulge yourself in the solitude of quiet beaches.

The National Trust chapter has activities scheduled throughout the year. A one – mile long nature trail on the bluff adjacent the 281 acre Parrot Reserve was opened in July 1996. Birdwatching has long been considered an excellent, and underpromoted attraction of this tiny island. The Sister Islands have over 200 bird species.

Nature Tours

Cayman Brac has serene beaches that are not inhibited by many visitors and is a great place to crawl into a hammock and spend the aftertoon. Brac Reef Resort and Carib Sands have beautiful beach front just a few steps form your room.


Fish Indentification #4

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Fish Identification

Post # 2

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Please answer not just the fish family but the actual name?  Example:  Loggerhead Sea Turtle not Sea Turtle

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Marine Life

Do you know the names of fish? 

Not just the fish family but the actual names? 

Example:  Loggerhead or Hawksbill Turtle not Sea Turtle

Get ready…there will be a fish identity challenge posted here soon!

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