June 11


Scuba Safety

By Leslie ONeill

June 11, 2009

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Would you like to explore the underwater world, but you’re not sure about Scuba safety?

If you enjoy gazing into a salt water fish tank, you will more than likely, LOVE scuba!  Many seem to think they will feel claustrophobic, typically this is not so, you are so mesmerized, especially when the water’s clear!  Once you have learned safe diving procedures, you’re ready to explore this magnificent underwater world!

The scuba safety depth for diving is several feet off the ocean floor (provided you don’t exceed the depths on your dive table).

One misconception is that you’ll be eaten by a shark…we are truly not on their diet!  Look at the stats…unless you happen to be spear fishing with bloody game in tow or  splashing on the surface/mistaken for a seal…they will not attack when totally submerged.  You’ll be one lucky person to even spot a shark.  After many hours & years, the first for me was during an intentional shark dive.  Since then, I’ve seen only a few; they will not come near unless the waters are chummed.

I realize this may seem farfetched for some, as I was one extremely skeptical person 25 years ago during my open water certification in Table Rock Lake, MO.  I had no interest in seeing a catfish or a bass….let alone a SHARK!  You couldn’t see but a few feet, I swam too close to someone’s fin, as it swished, I felt the vibration on my face, I was so frightened I thought I’d swallow my regulator!

I know the scary thoughts some people cycle through, more than anything, it’s the fear of the unknown.  Once we gain more experience we realize how safe diving is and our comfort level increases.   The first step is learning is in a 3′ deep swimming pool; if anyone becomes uncomfortable…. simply stand up!

In my opinion, diving is more exciting than exploring outer space!  So anytime you want to give it a whirl, the water temp is perfect & waiting for us to dive in!

Until next time……

Leslie (the scuba lady)

Leslie ONeill

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  1. Leslie.
    I’ve been resort certified twice and dove in Mexico and FL. I would love to join your club, get certified and go to some exotic places. Gettng certified is high on my list of priorities and I want to do it with you. Let me know more. I keep telling you through the years I want to do it but never do. I realize how fast time flies now that I’m pushing 50 in a couple of yrs. If I don’t do it soon, it may be too late and it’s one thing I do not want to always wish I had done.

  2. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this article and also the rest of the website is very good.

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