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Scuba Diving Classes for Children

The impact that scuba diving classes have on children is more than remarkable.

Children have an unwavering adventurous desire to explore everything the world has to offer, including the fascinating world underwater.  Scuba diving classes teach awareness to children about the importance of ecological and ocean conservation.

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of marine animals. So many of the waters contain wondrous creatures that have an impressiveness beyond comprehension. At times it almost makes you wish one could live in the waters alongside these animals.

During scuba diving classes, children learn proper conservation skills  through diving techniques and habits. Children learn about the importance of even the most microscopic living organisms, thus becoming conscious of their surroundings.

Throughout the scuba diving classes children learn tangible skills which they will use in and out of the water such as physics and math skills, which will increase their critical thinking abilities.  They will play games that reinforce these new skills and rules all while having fun.

As children build stronger swimming abilities, increased stamina and a stronger sense of responsibility through scuba diving, their self-confidence will increase noticeably in every aspect of their lives.

Children ages 8-9 years old may learn snorkeling and basic scuba diving in a pool.  Once children are 10 years in age, they may complete the PADI Open Water Diver scuba certification course, and are eligible to dive in open water with certified adults, preferably, parents or other family members.

Once children reach the age of 15 years old, they are qualified to upgrade from their junior certification which will allow them to no longer have age restrictions.

For more information on PADI scuba certification classes for children or to speak with an experienced professional instructor, please contact Leslie O’Neill, Scuba Explorers.


Dive Travel

Our next fabulous adventure will be in both Puerto Galera and Dumaguete, Philippines.
The Philippines, an archipelago of more than 7000 islands, is a democratic, English speaking pro-western society with over 80% of the population being Catholic. With all the amenities and services a diver would want.

From Manila we will transfer to Puerto Galera, Sabang Beach, home of the first Atlantis Hotel in the Philippines. We will be greeted by the friendly staff with first class service. The small boutique hotel has forty clean and comfortable rooms, all with mini fridges, snacks and satellite TV’s. The resort lies on Sabang Beach. It meanders up a small hillside filled with tropical gardens, providing a gorgeous view of the surrounding bay with a mountainous landscape.

The dedication and hard work of the dive staff will make our diving effortless! Each divers name is printed on their own locker space. The dive guides prep our gear; transfer it to the boats and at the end of each day, rinse and store them. The dive schedule allows up to four dives per day in small groups of up to six, with very short 2 – 10 minute boat rides to most dive sites. Of course it’s up to you, how much you want to dive. Personally, I enjoy two dives per day with an occasional night dive. All depending on the length and depths we’re diving. Many divers are not yet willing to partake in night dives and that is perfectly fine. This is your trip, I expect everyone to do exactly as they please.

By diving in smaller groups, we are able to give more personalized attention, as well as, making it easier to locate the cool and exotic critters. There are countless varieties of fish, corals and macro marine life in the Philippines! The nudibranchs, anemone fish and Ornate Ghost Pipefish are perfectly and beautifully colored. Divers get to see more of God’s amazing artwork up-close and personal, like no other place on this earth!

Mostly we will reef dive with an occasional muck dive. For those new to this type; muck diving is usually on flat areas of the bottom. At first you might think the bottom is deserted, as there are no reefs in sight. Then with the help of the local dive guides keen eye sight, the most unusual and exciting life will begin to appear: Flamboyant cuttlefish, porcelain crabs, ornate ghost pipefish, devilfish, tiny frogfish ribbon eels, and many more exciting surprises.

The Verde Island is a special place not to be missed; it is located between the islands of Mindoro and Luzon. It is a random island in a country of thousands of islands. This pinnacle barely protrudes from the water. It provides a wonderful underwater mountain landscape with perfectly clear visibility. Every island seems to have a good story; the passage between the two large islands was an important east-west sailing route. The story goes that a Spanish galleon had problems offshore from Verde Island, the boat sunk there in about 196 feet. Divers are still finding booty that is dated back to the time of this ship’s sinking. Most dive shallower to see the myriad of life forms on the reef. The site is approximately 45 minute boat ride from Puerto Galera. One of the most relaxing trips you will ever encounter!

The boat rides around Puerto Galera are scenic with climbing hills of dense green palm trees and mountains aligned against the bright blue sky. You will want to have your camera close at all times.

The dining at Atlantis deserves a special mention. The cooks, staff and Maître D work tirelessly to provide quality service, usually reserved for world class hotels.

After days we will transfer to Manila and a one hour flight to Dumaguete, home to the second Atlantis Hotel. Dumaguete is the Philippines sixth largest city, and it is thriving with activity. More than 30,000 students attend the local colleges and universities. This is a city that has a little bit of everything.

It’s a short 20 minute ride south of town to the Atlantis Hotel in Dumaguete. Once again we will be greeted like Kings and Queens with welcome cocktails, an efficient check-in and orientation. We will stay in another boutique hotel set in tropical gardens on a beautiful volcanic sand beach that stretches for miles. The restaurant sets right on the beach with a great ocean view.

The dive operators use the traditional Bangka style Filipino boats with outriggers. They provide a large, comfortable, covered and stable platform, adding to the cultural experience. The dive sites around Dumaguete offers a variety of wall, muck and patch reef diving. A number of marine sanctuaries were created to protect sections of the reef from hunting and fishing. The Apo Island and Siquijor Island dives are special excursions, 45 minutes on a large Bangka boat, three dives and a delicious buffet lunch. The diversity and quantity of cool marine life make these macro destinations difficult to rival.

The restaurant, food and service is as impressive as the sister property. The meal selection and presentation is impressive. Dumaguete has a nice market, the fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful.

Might you enjoy their beautiful scenery, friendly service, delicious food, great diving, clean hotels and comfortable beds?

I’m in, are you?

Let’s go!

Leslie : )

The Last Remaining Blue Whale

The last remaining blue whale comes eye to eye with its only enemy; mankind.

The film was directed by Rutger Hauer & Sil van der Woerd, who felt an urge to bring attention to the ongoing whaling.

When we destroy the ocean, we are kill ourselves.

If you love whales and oceans like we do, please share this film!

What makes night diving so special?

night diving orange starfish

Basket Starfish
Basket Starfish

Loggerhead Turtle

Night diving is the BEST!

Everyone has some amount of anxiety during their first few night dives in the ocean. It’s best to be very comfortable on daytime dives first.

Night dives are INCREDIBLE!  You  see the most magnificent creatures and beautiful marine life;  some things you would not see unless someone points them out to you.

1.  Your night dives should be in shallow water 30-50′.

2.  Navigation skills are required especially on a night dive with an emphasis on good buddy system practices.

3. Have good buoyancy control before attempting a night dive

4. Wear a full wet suit for warmth and protection.

5. Review light signals, such as: okay, yes, no, circling motions, etc. Be extra careful not to blind others with your light, you may not receive an invite for the next dive.

6. When diving from a boat, hang strobes in the water to help you spot your way back. If diving from the beach leave lights on the shore and do an occasional compass check with the current strength and direction in mind for your kick cycles.

7. Never swim on the surface at night. Jellyfish may be floating. Sharks may be feeding- And remember, we are NOT on their diet, but there is an ever so slight chance of an accident. As long as we are submerged, it’s never an issue. Swim from below the boat and climb up the ladder. You’ll be fine!

8. At some point during your night dive get your group together in a big circle on the sandy bottom. Turn off your lights or set them light side into the sand.  Have everyone wave their arms in big circular motions; watch the bio-luminescence fly like underwater sparklers on the fourth of July!  It’s beautiful!

A good dive master or instructor will explain in advance most things you are likely to encounter underwater and point them out to you.

One of the most exciting things about day and night diving is learning about all the marine life and corals, recognizing them and sharing with your friends to see.

You won’t believe what an exciting adventure it is until you try!

The water is perfect…let’s go diving!

Leslie   ><((((º>¸.•´¯`•.¸><((((º>`•.¸¸¸.•´¯><((((º>

night diving

Scuba Dive Kansas City

If you’re new to scuba diving or may be a little rusty, we’re here to make you feel safe and comfortable so that you may experience this fun and relaxed atmosphere of the underwater world.

Scuba Explorers will train you to scuba dive right here in Kansas City and then take you on adventures to islands that will surpass your expectations!

Local lakes near Kansas City

We teach in North Kansas City, Lees Summit, Kansas City, & Blue Springs, MO, Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village & Olathe, KS…and many other cities.

Kansas City Skyline

The pristine reefs will take your breath away as you peer over the coral walls into the deeper water…where, if you’re lucky, you may see a pod of dolphins swimming past or a group of rays and possibly friendly interaction with playful seals! You will learn about marine life, plants and coral on every dive!

corals & colorful fish

The most exciting part is- you never know what you’re going to encounter. You may rest assured, you’ll be quite safe!

We put special emphasis on providing students & guests with individualized instruction at their own pace. In the water and out, we’re with you every step of the way. When you enter our world, you can expect to dive the best sites in the islands while gaining insider knowledge of the history & culture.

If you’re a beginner, we invite you to learn PADI scuba diving. If you’re an experienced diver, we invite you to buddy with us or plan and execute your own dives.

You have the opportunity to complete your Open Water instruction, we except dive referrals or you may choose to upgrade your certification in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

We have partnerships with some of the finest hotels on the islands. In short, we have exceptional service in extraordinary settings.

Discover our world on your next vacation, and why diving with Scuba Explorers is the best way to enjoy island diving!


Cayman Islands

Marine life we saw in Cayman on our last trip in Feb.  Just a small handful of the thousands of varieties.

Beautifully colored fish peacock flounder, trunkfish, trumpetfish,sea cucmber,

Fish Indentification #4

Winner of this 5 part challenge receives $100 gift certificate

Post # 2 & 4 are here.  Post #1, 3, 5 may be found at

Each post includes 10 fish.  Name it!  Not just the species.  Example: Loggerhead Sea Turtle not just Sea Turtle

Only the winner’s answers will be seen here- so try it!











Post # 5 (last post) will be at  in 2 days

I hope you win!

Leslie  (the scuba lady) (shipping not included).

Fish Identification

Post # 2

There will be 5 posts for this challenge, 10 fish on each.  (Post # 1 may be found on

Please answer not just the fish family but the actual name?  Example:  Loggerhead Sea Turtle not Sea Turtle

The person to win the challenge first & most accurately will win $100 gift certificate for (shipping not included).

Good Luck!











Post # 3 may be found at in 2 days.

Marine Life

Do you know the names of fish? 

Not just the fish family but the actual names? 

Example:  Loggerhead or Hawksbill Turtle not Sea Turtle

Get ready…there will be a fish identity challenge posted here soon!

There will be 5 separate posts (Post 1, Post 2, etc)

Each post will have 10 pictures numbered 1-10

Please stay tuned in…



Most people think slugs are ugly & slimy! But these sea slugs are downright beautiful!
Nudibranchs are soft, unlike snails with hard shells.

Can you believe their bright colors help protect them? Some use their colors to hide from predators. Others use their colors to warn predators that they are poisonous!

Nudibranchs are fun to watch!

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